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About us / Kuganipi
We created the kuganipi Beachside Inn for people who want more out of life than a whirlwind tour of the island.
Kuganipi is in the small and historical village "Hoshitate".
Located only 30 seconds from beach, also just beside the subtropical rainforest, so you will hear the sound of the waves and the songs of the birds even in the room.
We offer beautiful and private room that will leave you feeling rested and peaceful.
Stroll in the local village and experience local life style.
Kuganipi Beachside Inn is in the national park, protected habitats for rare and endangered species, unique biological and geological evolutions.
You will be witness these wonders.

The word of "kuganipi" means very good day, nice day and lucky day like a gold in local language.


About Room
  • 3 night minimum stay
  • Check in 15: 00〜19:00
  • Check out 〜12:00
  • Upto 3 people can stay in each room.
  • Room1…Private showerroom
  • Room2…Private bathroom with bathtub
  • We have only non-smoking rooms.
    Please smoke outside and be mindful other people.
  • Please take off your shoes in the room.

Kuganipi 部屋
  • Wifi
  • Air conditioner/heater
  • desk/chairs/table
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric stove
  • Cookware
  • Knife/Cutting board
  • Cutlery
  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Rice cooker
  • Hairdryer
  • Washing machine
  • Dehumidfier for clothes drying
  • Toilet seat with bidet function
  • Bathroom
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Rinse
  • Towels
  • Laundry detergent
  • Vacume cleaner
  • Vegetable oil,salt,sugar,soy sauce
  • Alarm clock

    *We will clean up the room 5th day.
    Please clean up the room by yourself due to prevention of spread
    *Meals are not included.
    *The small grocery store is in the same village, 2 minutes by walk.
    Also the another grocery store is in the next village, 5minutes by bicycle.
    You can buy some groceries,foods and  beverages at there.
    *The cheap restaurant is in the same village, also the small restaurants are in the next village.

Kuganipi キッチン
Kuganipi シンク
Kuganipi tana

Kuganipi 風呂
Kuganipi トイレ

Rental equipment
  • Bicycle free!
    2 free bikes for each room
  • Kayak free!
    1 free kayak(2 adult and 1 kids are available to use together) for each room
  • Snorkeling equipment
    500 yen per day

Kuganipi 自転車
Kuganipi カヌー
Price of the room

number of people
low season
high season
〜2 people

A:12,650 yen
B:10,450 yen
A:14,850 yen
B:12,650 yen
3 people A:15,950 yen
B:13,750 yen
A:18,150 yen
B:15,950 yen
〜2 people A:14,850 yen
B:12,650 yen
A:17,050 yen
B:14,850 yen
3 people A:18,150 yen
B:15,950 yen
A:20,350 yen
B:18,150 yen
*"A" is usual price.
*"B" is discount price for who join hiking tour of Simamariasibi. Once you join hiking tour for full day, you will have discount room price for a night.
*Tax(10%) is included.
*Long stay discount...save 5% with five or more nights stay, 10% with seven or more
% with 14 or more and 40% with 28 nights or more
*There will be no charge on children under 6 years old with no extra bed and towel.

Cancellation fee
After confirm the booking to 3 monthes prior, 10 % of your total amount will be charged.
From 90 days to 21 days prior,
25 % of your total amount will be charged
From 20 days to a day before arrival date, 50 % of your total amount will be charged
On your arrival date 75%
No show 100%
*There will be no charged if you cancell because of typhoon.
*There will be charged only half of the cansellation fee if you reschedule the reservation dates for the first time and within 10 days before and after, but will be charged for the second.
*Please burden the bank transfer fee when we retun the advance payment.

We will start accepting reservations from 3 monthes before.
If you stay more than 5 nights, you can make a reservation from 6 months before.
mail : info@simamariasibi.com

1.Take a ferry from Ishigaki port to Iriomote island Uehara port.
2.Take a bus from Uehara port that is oprerated by ferry company.
Tell to the bus driver you are going to "
干立バス停"  the Hoshitate bus stop.
3.Only 5 minutes by walk, please watch the video for direction to get to Kuganipi

Ferry company

*Sound will be played

Kuganipi Beachside Inn Iriomote
984 Iriomote Taketomicho Yaeyamagun
Okinawaken Japan
Hotel license of Yaeyama health center #29-57

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